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Welcome to Chi Kitchen

Chi Kitchen makes traditional style fermented kimchi. Balanced in taste and texture, Chi Kitchen offers a richness & umami not found in other kimchis.

"Brand loyalty is so key these days, and Chi Kitchen with their integrity, quality product and constant innovation has created a devoted fan base."
Jan Dane
Owner of Stock Culinary Goods
"Kimchi is one of the most important foods on our menu, and Chi kitchen produces it with a quality of ingredients and flavor that is simply unmatched."
Chef JB and Chef Korn
Mings Asian Street Food
"Chi Kitchen Kimchi is tangy and delicious. I love using it in recipes that need an extra spicy Asian kick!"
Chef Nick DeCamp
Chef Instructor, Amos House
"The thoughtfulness and care put into the preparation of the ingredients is amazing! And you can taste it in each bite!"
Chef Jason Timothy
Chef & Owner Troop PVD

Balance your Chi

Kimchi and our other asian fermented vegetable products are some of the healthiest foods you should be eating right now. Kimchi has been made and enjoyed for thousands of years, and we’ve continued eating it for a reason – it’s one of the healthiest foods on earth!

Gut Health

Loaded with billions of lactic acid bacteria, which are beneficial to your gut health and digestion

Immune Boosting

70% of the immune system is located in your gut, a healthy gut can strengthen your system

Healthy Diet

Low in fat & calories, and packed with fiber & nutrients, kimchi promote a healthy diet


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