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Refund & Return policy

If you received damaged items, the wrong items or are unhappy in any way please contact us immediately and we will refund or replace your items. Our products are food items and therefore we do not accept returns. Chi Kitchen is not responsible for items or refunds that are undeliverable due to any incorrect address information you provided us.

If you purchased Chi Kitchen products at a retail location and the items are damaged or you are unsatisfied for any reason please return the items directly to the store location you bought it at. We do not offer refunds or replacements for store bought items, but please reach out if you did have issues with our products.

Please Note: During transit, product juices may leak out from the specially designed vent on the pouch and or the pouch may be puffed up due to gases from continued fermentation. They are still safe and good to eat. If leakage occurs, just wash off the outside of the pouch. If the pouch is puffed up then open the pouch to release the buildup of fermentation gases. Refrigerate immediately.

Chi Kitchen

Chi Kitchen